A new generation of high-power LED corn light:

l PC milky lampshade, appearance looks similar to the energy-saving lamps
l 360 ° beam angle
l Energy saving up to 90%, longer life span
l Can replaced all type of energy-saving lights
E27-3W- 5730 6 SMD Ceramics Globe Bulb
E27-5W- 5730 10 SMD Ceramics Globe Bulb
E27-Φ47-72SMD -3528 Ceramics Globe Bulb
E27-60 SMD -3528 Globe Bulb
E27-90 SMD -3528 Globe Bulb
E27-Φ60-88SMD-3528 Ceramics Globe Bulb
E27-20-5050 SMD Ceramics Globe Bulb
E27- 7W-5730SMD Globe Bulb
Hi-power Dimmable
E27- 9W-5730SMD Globe Bulb
Hi-power Dimmable
E27-6W- 5730SMD
E27-21SMD-5050 Damped Corn Bulbs
Household - E27