A new generation of high-power LED corn light:

l PC milky lampshade, appearance looks similar to the energy-saving lamps
l 360 ° beam angle
l Energy saving up to 90%, longer life span
l Can replaced all type of energy-saving lights
Please check your order within 5 working days of receipt of the items. If you find that the items are damaged in any way, please
contact us by email within 5 working days starting the day after delivery and we will handle the case as soon as possible.
Peritus-led reserved all the rights for final interpretation. The following contents is our commitment for the products:

1 Low energy consuption
Peritus-led consume very low energy; it can save more than 80% energy compare with traditional bulbs on the same lighting

2 Long life span
Peritus-led’s life span can reach up to 35,000 hours, it’s dozens times than traditional light.

3 Zero pollution
Peritus-led light contains no mercury. There is no ultraviolet radiation and infrared ray in led light spectrum. Our product has no
radiation to people.

4 High Chromogenic
Color rendering index is more than 75. The color of the reflect objects will be more realistically.

5 No stroboflash
Autonomous designed efficiency power makes the light softer and comfortable, it can reduce visual fatigue and protect eyes.

6 Fast response
Peritus-led light can achieve to nanosecond response.