A new generation of high-power LED corn light:

l PC milky lampshade, appearance looks similar to the energy-saving lamps
l 360 ° beam angle
l Energy saving up to 90%, longer life span
l Can replaced all type of energy-saving lights
Type :
Gallery light
Power :
2W equivalent to 25W Incandescent
Weight (kg) :
Voltage (V) :
220 - 240 V
Features :
Each gallery has ten lamp holders with plug-in connections, Which could insert up to 10
lights, lines between each lamp and distributor is around 5-10 meters. The base part is
injection molded, which equipped with three stamped shrapnel, so that it could be easy
mounting. Glue injection is used in the lamp to fix the light board and shrapnel to get a good
sealing performance.
Color Temperature (K) :
2800 ~ 3200 K / 6000 ~ 6500 K
Flux (lm) :
280-330 lumens
Color :
Warm / Cool white
Beam Angle :
Life time (h) :
35000 hours
Certification :
Warranty :
3 years
30mm Gallery light
Saving be changing 10 pc 25 W bulbs:
Watt / hour
10 bulbs
5 hours / day
Expence / day
Expence / year
  25 w Incandescent
25 w
250 w
1250 w
kr. 4,4
kr. 1606
  1 w LED :
2 w
20 w
100 w
kr. 0,3
kr. 109,5
Yearly saving: 1496,5 kr.
Based on Dong Energy average electric-price.
All specifications are subject to change without notice - for indoor use only - use in outdoor applications will void warranty.

CAUTION: ALL 240 VAC BULBS ARE FOR USE WITH STANDARD ON/OFF SWITCHES ONLY. Use with any type of dimmer, relay or other control circuit will VOID WARRANTY

LEDs are very sensitive and subject to premature failure from electrical noise spikes. All figures are right at the time of publication.