Building Tomorrow 12.12.2014
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Peritus LED sponsored a Green project called Building Tomorrow which was proposed by VIA
University College in Horsens. The aim of the project is to prove that it is possible to build a house by 
using primarily recyclable materials which are both sustainable and advanced.  Through the practical 
method, LED can create a charming view at night. Along with the changes in weather and seasons,   
the lighting effect can be changed. It is also can help Green plants can be sufficient for
photosynthesis. At the meantime, the energy consumption of using LDE is less than the traditional 
lighting techniques.

Based on various lighting elements, LED can create more pleasant office environment and make the 
best lighting condition for office space. Additionally, use LED also can help to save energy effectively, 
reduce operating costs.

Grand opening

Green wall with spots lights and strip lights around the little garden

Led panel placed in the office(under construction)

LED spots light in the office area

LED tube with natural color used in the green area

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